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These 5 Lifestyle Factors Can Affect Your Mental Health



Mind and body are so closely related that any noticeable imbalance in one of them can affect the other in multiple ways. The same thing are applicable to mind and emotion, mind and environment, mind and socialization etc. To have a strong mental health, you need to engage in series of weight loss plans.

Having mental challenges will affect virtually every aspect of your life including the ability to enjoy life, identify strengths and weaknesses, ability to develop, resiliency to recover from rough and hard times, flexibility to express all kinds of emotions.

The main thing that generates a serious mental issue is living an unhealthy lifestyle. An unhealthy lifestyle does not provide physical effects, but also mental effects. Your lifestyle has the capacity to influence your mental health in so many ways. In this article, we will reflect 5 lifestyle factors that can affect your mental health:

1. Social Media Usage

Social media is a great source of socialization, building networks and connecting with friends, family and associates. More so, it can evoke strong feelings of sadness, jealousy, anger or isolation.

Experts recommend that people should be mindful of how they use social media so that it doesn’t have negative effects on their mental health. Join social media groups and build quality connection with those that will transform your life. Relate with people that shares the same ideologies with you. Relate with those whose ideas make you to glow.

2. Your Current Work Environment

Your workplace has the ability to consume much of your time. Your activities at your current work environment can have either a positive or negative influence on your mental health. If you are working with randy bosses or ineffective team or exposed to maladaptive culture, you may experience some discrimination, stress, harassment and workplace bullying- all these will have a negative impact on your mental health.

Your work environment can affect your mental state either positively or negatively. So, you should be careful the type of people you relate with, and the kind of things you do with them.

You need to work with people that value and respect you. Discontinue working in an environment that continues to expose you to an untold hardship, betrayals and insults. Such environment is capable of shortening your lifestyle.

How work environment can affect your mental health3. Community And Social Activities You Are Engaged In

Your social activities and community have the ability to affect your mental health. Connecting with friends and taking some time to relax occasionally will improve your mental state. People who have active lifestyle don’t tend to struggle with mental issues.

Research shows that going out with friends and peoples that value you has the ability to enhance your healthier mental capacity and mood. When it comes to socialization, try and get yourself involved with the followings: volunteer your time, talent and resources serving in organizations that make your life glow.

If you are passionate about religion, then get yourself involved with various religious activities. Experience shows that religious people are truly happy and fulfilled. Be with people that make you happy at all times.

Don’t associate yourself with negative-minded people; they will corrupt you with bad morals. Keep quality relationship with people. Good relationships can guarantee huge positivity to your mental health.

4. Meditation And Other Relaxation Techniques You Use

Relaxation and meditation techniques remain the surest methods of easing your mental state. Keep having meditation activity; you will never regret doing so. Studies show that meditation has the ability to heal various degrees of mental health.

Warming yoga poses for cold winter days

Breathing deeply alone can make a great difference. Meditation, such as yoga has so much positive effects including improving your ability to tolerate frustration, aiding in controlling your anger and managing anxiety.

5. Having A Healthy Sleep

You can never go wrong with a healthy sleep. Studies show that it can influence your mental health in many ways you can never imagine. A healthy sleep will make you to feel good, and be refreshed for the task ahead.

Having a healthy sleep implies that you need to have a flexible sleep schedule, be able to sleep at least six to nine hours every night, and sleep in a healthy environment. Try these simple steps to sleep like a baby for a good mental health.


In this article, we have tried to explain 5 lifestyle factors that can have a positive effect on your health. Your physical lifestyle can have a huge impact on your mental health.

Although, you will need to seek the help of professionals while suffering from any form of mental illness, but there is so much you can do to manage the condition together with the professional help you may be receiving from a qualified mental health practitioner.

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Birthday Gift Ideas for Nieces From Aunts




Birthday Gift Ideas for Nieces From Aunts

As young girls grow, it is important for them to have positive female role models. Mothers and grandmothers are perhaps the most important, but not far behind are the aunts, whether adopted or biological. One of the fun parts of being an aunt is spoiling your niece on her birthday, and there are lots of ways to do so.

Special Outing

Although kids love to unwrap presents, something they may love just as much or more is spending quality time with you. Take your niece on a special outing with just the two of you. A trip to the aquarium, zoo or amusement park could be a wonderful experience for both of you. Include a stop for lunch or ice cream and just about all her dreams will have come true by the end of the day.

Start a Collection 

Collectibles are a great way to start a fun tradition with your niece. She will love getting a new addition to her precious moments princess train set or a new purse every year for her birthday. Even though she may come to expect a certain type of gift, she can still look forward to adding something special to her collection.

Remember Her Interests 

Keep in mind what your niece is interested in. Does she love science, books or art? Try and find something that will help foster her interests and you may just watch her confidence grow along with her talents. As she gets older, these interests will change, but she will always remember her first science kit or that series of novels that her aunt introduced her to.

There are lots of ways to be a good aunt, not the least of which is spoiling your precious niece for her birthday. Choose a gift that shows her just how special she is. These gifts and experiences make wonderful memories that she can treasure for her whole life.

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Basic Camera Care All Photographers Should Learn




Camera maintenance, Camera care tips

Whether you are a seasoned business portrait photographer with several years of experience tucked under your belt, or just a newbie who has started dipping his toe in the hobby, one of the critical lessons that you need to learn and master by heart is camera care.

Knowing how to care for your camera correctly will not only allow you to take care of your investment. Proper attention can also ensure that your gear performs optimally, enabling you to make the most out of it, whether for business or fun.

Store Your Gear Correctly

Dust, moisture, and sunlight are the greatest enemies of your photography gear. This should be your guiding principle when storing your equipment.

Cameras and batteries are best placed in a cool area where any temperature fluctuation should be minimal. High temperatures can damage your camera’s central processing unit and sensor, while cold temperatures can pose serious harm to its LCD.

Make sure that your camera’s storage area is well-ventilated with a humidity of around 35 to 45 percent. Excessive humidity, coupled with moisture, will only invite mildew and rust. Extreme dryness, on the other hand, adversely affects the lubrication of different parts which can fast-track wear and tear.

Whether you are storing your camera and lenses in a box or a bag, put some silica gel inside to counter moisture.

Invest in a Good Camera Bag

An essential aspect of caring for your camera is using a camera bag.

Most cameras are susceptible to dust and scratches which can be easily avoided by storing them in a proper bag. Furthermore, water-resistant bags can shield your precious gear from rain.

Make it a Habit to Turn Off Your Camera

Turning off your camera allows you to conserve the power of your batteries and increase the overall lifespan of these.

But more than conserving battery juice, there is another reason to turn off your camera’s power – to protect it from damage.

Avoid leaving batteries inside your camera as much as possible, especially if you are storing your camera for an extended period. Batteries can corrode when stored in a moist area or if left completely drained off.

Whether you are changing your lenses or removing the memory card or attached cables, make it a habit to turn off the camera first. Changing lenses when the camera is still turned on increases the risk of dust getting into the sensor. On the other hand, there is a significant chance that you can damage your memory card by pulling it off from the camera when it is still running.

Clean Your Gear Right

First things first – before you schedule a cleanup for your camera, make sure that you have a special cleaning kit on hand. Under no circumstance should you touch your camera with ordinary household cleaning materials.

Go to a reputable camera shop and invest in a few brushes, a microfiber cloth, and specialized cleaning solutions.

Don’t waste your money on canned air. You might see a few people cleaning their gear with it, but you can seriously damage your camera and its accessories if you insist on using it.

Canned air contains chemicals which are harmful to your equipment. Instead of canned air, consider using a brush or a squeeze bulb for hard-to-reach areas.

Protect Your Lenses

It is relatively easy to damage lenses. And unless you are willing to cough up money over and over again, it is sensible to invest in lens protection.

A simple filter can prevent breakage, cracks, dents, and scratches. Additionally, filters offer a variety of uses, depending on the type you get, ranging from glare reduction to reduction of shutter speed.

Care for Your Memory Card

Memory cards are a vital item of photography gear that can be easily overlooked. If you want to get more out of your memory cards, you need to learn how to care for these properly.

First, invest in a protective case which will help keep your memory cards dust-free. Second, do not expose the cards to heat. Place these in a cool, dry place. Finally, never put your memory cards near magnetic sources.

Camera care is an essential skill that anyone can and should learn, whether you are a hobbyist or a professional photographer. From a financial standpoint, this vital skill can help you save a lot of money. And from a functional perspective, keeping your gear in good order can help your equipment perform optimally.

AUTHOR BIO: Stefanie Descheemaecker is the Studio Manager at Stu Williamson Photography at The Palm Jumeirah – Fairmont Hotel in Dubai. She has been with the company for almost 3 years and is the driving force behind the success of the business. A keen amateur photographer, Stef combines her natural creative eye with a strong business acumen to help Stu Williamson Photography become the most trusted and successful photography business in the UAE.

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How To Get In Shape While On Holiday




Vacation. This is a word that can mean so many different things. Some people consider vacation as a time away from all the hassles of their daily work. Others look at it as a way to break away from routine and there are also those who just want to use up their vacation leave. Whatever your purpose is on your next holiday, there is one important thing that you need to make plans for – your fitness regimen.

how to stay in shape on vacation, gym while traveling, how to keep in shape on holiday, how to lose weight while traveling for work

Shopping – A Great Form of Exercise

Since a huge chunk of every vacation is one’s shopping spree, then you might as well use this opportunity to stay fit. Imagine walking all over the different malls that you can find. To add to this, you also get to carry the things that you buy so this is an effective way to work off on self-indulgence.

Do not just buy the first items that you find. Ask around first so that you get to find the best bargains on athleisure while you also spend more time (and more energy) going from one shop to the next. Also, make it a point not to use elevators or escalators, utilize the stairs so that you will burn more calories.

Utilize the Hotel Gym / Boot Camp It

Yet another part of any holiday is the need to stay in a hotel. Most hotels now have indoor gyms so it would be a waste if you do not use the exercise equipment there. Being on vacation is no excuse to stop your exercise regimen. What you need, though, is your strongest willpower and an activewear. Have the determination to continue exercising and you will surely reap the benefits later on.

Another fun way to get into shape is to go to a bootcamp. These prove to be a super fun way to burn excess pounds, test your body’s limits, and learn new and positive habits. Imagine how much better you’ll feel in that bikini after you’ve been sweating it out in a boot camp!

Pack Some Exercise Essentials

If it is impossible to hit the gym during your vacation, then you might as well take any of these with you – light weights, exercise band or a jump rope. Toning your muscles isn’t all about sweating in the gym. Sometimes, you just need to be disciplined enough to exercise on your own and make do with your packed resources while vacationing.

Steer Clear of Some Foods

One other thing that is equated to vacation is food, especially if this is your first time to visit a certain place. For instance, if it is your first time to go to Germany, you might be instantly tempted to try their different types of beers and fattening cuisine. If you do not curb your urges, you could end up trying every bit of food that you could lay your eyes on – and this is not good for your figure.

The secret is to try one, unique meal at a time and then to couple this with your usual fruits and vegetables; this way, you maintain your healthy diet while still getting to taste exotic cuisine.

Swim That Body Fat Away

If your destination for your holiday vacation is a beach resort, then make good use of the resource that you have right in front of you – the rolling waters! Swimming is an activity that can help you trim down while keeping your heart healthy – technically, you are hitting two birds with one stone. If your vacation does not involve any water activities, then plan for a lot of walking. Rather than ride a cab, it is best to walk and enjoy the scenery or architectural wonders around you. Tuck that pedometer and you’re just about ready to walk around a city!

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