The Beauty of Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings

Currently, the demand for earrings made from diamond has become steady. They are used for different occasions such as weddings and wedding anniversaries and other special occasions with people, you love. There are four Cs that ranks the diamond, and they include clarity, cut, carat and colour.

Earrings may be made from different materials, but since the start of 19th century, the earrings made from diamond have grown in popularity. Earrings may include diamond stud, diamond loops, and diamond hoops. The popularity can be attributed to the improved technology for cutting the diamond in virtually any shape and polishing them. Many people realised the prestige associated with diamond ornaments and embraced it.

Here are some tips: The four Cs

When examining earrings made from diamond, the four Cs will be of great help. The carat will be known to you so review the earring basing on its colour, cut and clarity. Under a good writing, you will be able to consider the mentioned qualities with your naked eyes.

Diamond Earrings Fashion

To know the brilliance of the earring made from diamond, place it on a moderate right, against dark clothing, or against your skin. The best quality diamond sparkles the best in the mentioned conditions. Using the steps mentioned examine the earrings until you determine the one that is best for you. Always choose the diamond that has the best quality.

Some earrings made from diamond may have occlusions. They are visible so watch out for them. The constrictions weaken the diamond and reduce their capacity for reflection and reflation.

How the four Cs helps choose the best diamonds

For you to get the best out of the diamond, you should know how to pick them. Different earrings made from diamond are not made equally. The difference in the earring is in is price, how is has been cut and the quality of the diamond. You should make sure that you could differentiate an original diamond from counterfeit ones.

Diamond earrings come in numerous cuts including princess, pillow, Asscher, emerald, marquise and radiant, all of which charm different people. There are a number of shapes in which these earrings come, including oval, heart, pear and round.

A carat is an extraordinary measure that communicates the weight of the diamond, with diamonds having larger carat measures going at more lucrative prices than their lower counterparts do. Diamonds with bigger sizes and more substantial carats are more frequent compared to smaller ones.

Cleaning your Diamond earrings

Cleaning your Diamond earrings

Removing the foreign material restores the quality of the diamond. You can choose to get an expert to clean the diamonds for you or you can do it yourself. Cleaning is not a complicated task so use the help of jewellery cleaner only if you are a busy person. You can clean the diamonds earrings yourself; make a solution of water, baking soda and ammonia. Instead of baking soda, you may use liquid dishwashing soap. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the diamond earrings until the dirt is completely gone. A microfiber cloth avoids the accumulation of link caused by regular materials.

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