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Six Dental Hacks to Keep Your Teeth as Healthy as Possible



Are you happy with the health and appearance of your teeth? Or, are you part of the nearly one-third of American adults have untreated dental caries?

If you fall into the latter group, don’t worry. There are lots of things you can do to take charge of your oral health and start improving your teeth today.

Listed below are six helpful dental hacks that will make it easy for you to keep your teeth healthy and strong for years to come.

1. Don’t Brush Your Teeth Right After Eating

You may have been told in the past that you ought to brush your teeth after every meal to prevent cavities. In reality, though, this isn’t the best advice for keeping your teeth healthy.

One of the best dental hacks you can start implementing is to simply wait a while before brushing your teeth following a meal or snack.

After eating — especially after eating sweet or acidic foods — the enamel of our teeth is weakened. If you try to brush your teeth immediately after, when your enamel is in this weakened state, you’re more likely to actually remove your enamel during the tooth brushing process.

When you remove your enamel, you increase your tooth sensitivity and your chance of developing cavities.

Don’t brush your teeth until at least thirty minutes after eating. You can rinse your mouth out with water if you feel like you need to freshen up a bit, though.

2. Supplement with Oral Probiotics

You may have heard of supplementing with probiotics to keep your digestive tract healthy and functioning properly. Did you know that you can also use oral probiotics to keep your mouth and teeth healthy?

We’ve been taught to think that any bacteria in the mouth is a bad thing. That’s definitely not the case, though. Just as we have good and bad bacteria in our digestive tract, we also have good and bad bacteria in our mouth.

By supplementing with oral probiotics, you can balance out your oral microbiome and replenish good bacteria to prevent plaque buildup, improve bad breath, and reduce your risk of gingivitis and gum disease.

3. Chew Gum

You might be surprised to know that most dentists — and the American Dental Association — are totally down with people chewing gum to keep their teeth healthy.

The only caveat, of course, is to make sure you’re avoiding brands of gum that contain sugar Sugar feeds the bad bacteria in your mouth and increases your risk of developing cavities.

Instead of buying sugar-filled gum, look, instead, for brands that are sweetened with xylitol. This is a sweetener that actually helps remineralize the teeth, reducing your cavity risk and strengthening the enamel.

Even if you can’t find xylitol-sweetened gum, you can still benefit from chewing sugar-free gum regularly.

Chewing gum helps increase saliva flow. This, in turn, neutralizes bad bacteria and protects you from bad breath and tooth decay.

4. Eat Teeth Cleaning Foods

While you should avoid sugar-filled foods and drinks if you want to keep your teeth healthy and strong, there are lots of other foods you should be adding to your diet to naturally clean your teeth.

Foods that are crisp and firm are great for cleaning the teeth while you eat them. Good examples include:

  • Apples
  • Raw carrots
  • Celery
  • Pears
  • Hard cheeses
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumbers
  • Popcorn (just be sure to floss after eating it)

For best results, make these foods the final part of your meal. That way, your teeth will get a quick scrub after eating without putting your enamel at risk.

5. Ditch the Mouthwash

Marketing agencies would have you believe that you need to rinse with mouthwash if you want to have truly healthy teeth. The problem with this idea, though, is that most conventional mouthwashes are filled with ingredients that disrupt your oral microbiome.

Some of the most problematic ingredients in conventional mouthwashes include:

  • Alcohol: Alcohol kills off all bacteria in your mouth (including the good bacteria) which can make bad breath worse
  • Hydrogen peroxide: Like alcohol, hydrogen peroxide kills off all bacteria in the mouth. It can also kill off the cells inside of your teeth as well.
  • Chlorhexidine: This is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial chemical that, in addition to potentially disrupting the oral microbiome, can stain teeth, increase calculus (tartar) formation, and alter taste perception.

6. Give Oil Pulling a Try

Instead of rinsing with mouthwash at the end of the day, you might want to give oil pulling a try instead.

Oil pulling is an ancient practice that helps pull bad bacteria from the mouth and naturally freshen the breath. It also provides a beneficial coating for people who have a chronically dry mouth and can help heal inflamed, swollen gums.

Oil pulling is simple. Just take a small amount of coconut oil (about a tablespoon or so) and swish it around your mouth for 10-15 minutes. When you’re finished, spit the oil into the trash can (not down the drain).


If you want to keep your teeth healthy and strong, be sure to keep these six dental hacks in mind. By making some simple changes, you can significantly improve the condition of your teeth so that you can look and feel your best!

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The Guaranteed Way To Quit Smoking




Guaranteed Way To Quit Smoking

Lot of people in the world adopts the habit of smoking due to many causes like life style, living environment and so on. Once people are used to certain habits, it is quite difficult to quit those habit. Many suggest the revolutionized device the personal vaporizers so called the electronic cigarette to get rid of the smoking habit.

It mimics the traditional smoking which aids in the replacement for tobacco in most of the countries. The liquid or the solution present in the cigar vaporizes into mist that does not contain the toxic substances as in the original tobacco cigarettes. This device is credited by the users for its long term success of smoking cessation. The smokers have the opportunity of choosing the amount of nicotine and flavor with this e-cigarette which is not possible with the conventional cigarettes.

The researchers say that this electric cigar could definitely help the smokers to quit their regular and routine habit of conventional smoking. Health organizations like WHO and others have insisted that these cigarettes are better for replacement therapy as it is safe and effective. The components that include electronic cigarette starter kit are cartridges, batteries, atomizer, wall charger and USB charger. The e-juice or the e-solutions are available in various flavors for refilling the cartridges. The tobacco flavors with these personal vaporizers help the smokers to forget the traditional tobacco smoking. This in turn reduces the mind’s buzz and prevents the addiction.

The choice of nicotine level is left in the hands of e-cigar smokers and this induces the person to completely quit with replacement therapy. The safe alternative electric cigarettes are guaranteed way to quit smoking as the level of carcinogens are thousand times less than the regular cigarettes. Moreover it is considered to be very effective and easy than any other replacement methods like yoga, meditation, chewing gums and other natural quitting techniques. The active and passive smokers of these electric cigarettes are satisfied because it does not harm the second hand smoking. It is free from the bad breathe and stain of teeth and fingers.

Starter Kit and its Advanced Features

The electronic cigarette starter kit provides advanced features like easily chargeable icons on the sides. This helps to check the level of charging process of the pack. In addition to these feature, the pack has switches to activate and deactivate the packets depending on the usages to save the battery. The packets are also provided with mini USB for efficient charging of this electronic device. The atomizers are with the new cartridges for maximum smoke. The liquid are tailored for perfect flavor. The long lasting batteries, built in atomizers, silicone tip, size of the cigarettes assure complete satisfaction of the smoker. The electronic cigarette starter kit is available with warranty for the device. It is said that one cartridge can be equivalent to the forty original tobacco cigarettes. This absolutely saves money too.

The many studies in relation to this electronic smoking also imply that they cause less harm to heart and lungs when compared to traditional tobacco smoking. People can just try these alternative devices and stay away from the disease causing toxic substances that are present in the conventional smoking.

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Top 8 Benefits of Dietary Supplements




There is nothing better than consuming a well-balanced diet to get your requisite source of vitamins and minerals. However, sometimes it is not enough to depend on the food alone. You must also take dietary supplements to ensure that you are getting all the necessary nutrients in essential quantities.

These supplements are helpful in preventing food disorders and also make up for lacking nutrients in your body. While supplements can be really helpful in a number of ways, it is recommended to consult your doctor before self-administering these medications to prevent any side effects.

Thanks to its numerous benefits, dietary supplements are an important part of American diet these days. With so many options out there, it is nearly impossible to choose the right option off-the-bat.

Since supplements are not monitored by FDA, it is very important to source your vitamins from the right manufacturer. Experts recommend that you should only buy your supplements from reputed suppliers like that are known for their production and safety standards.

When a reliable product is enriched with a healthy diet, dietary supplements have shown tremendous health benefits. Here are some of the health benefits of taking your supplements as prescribed.

The health benefits of dietary supplements

Improved Metabolism

After you consume your meal, your body begins the digestion process by breaking down the carbs, fats, and proteins to source its nutrients. The absorption of these nutrients depends on B-class of vitamins that you must take every day. Supplements can help you maintain the regular intake of B vitamins that are responsible for preventing vitamin deficiencies, skin disorders, anemia, etc.

Stimulates Tissue Repair and Maintenance

By consuming dietary supplements as per your body’s requirement, you may also encourage tissue repair and maintenance which is a lifelong process. Your daily activities can put stress on your existing tissues.

However, certain cells in your body can produce a protein that is necessary for the replacement of old and damaged tissue. When this process is interrupted, it can lead to diseases that usually occur due to aging. By supplementing your diet with vitamin D and calcium, you can accelerate the tissue growth and encourage bone strength.

Strengthened Immunity

Did you know that some dietary supplements may mitigate the risk of cancer? Essential vitamins such as Vitamins A, C, and E have natural antioxidant properties that can alleviate the oxidative stress in your cells and help purge your body of all toxins. These supplements can offset the free radicals that cause damage to your cells, causing the development of cancer. While the jury is still out on antioxidants’ ability to fight cancer risk, there are many proven benefits of these vitamins that can still provide plenty of health benefits.

Weight Loss

People who go on a severe diet for weight loss purposes can often do more damage to their bodies than good. However, you can append your diet with these supplements to make up for the loss of nutrients as a result of limited calorie intake. Additionally, it helps in detoxifying your body of all the toxins and helps you maintain your weight in the long-term.

Consuming multivitamins along with a nutrient-dense diet and regular exercise can work wonders in helping you lose those pesky pounds and that too in a healthy manner. Consult your doctor to choose the right supplement that will deliver the promised results.

Fight Heart Diseases

According to research, certain supplements may also help reduce the risk of heart disease. Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide?

You may not know this but there is a number of reasons that can elevate the risk of heart diseases, such as blood pressure and high quantities of LDL cholesterol. To overcome this risk, many doctors recommend people to take vitamin C supplements to keep their cholesterol and triglyceride levels in control. Vitamin C is an active component that can keep these factors in check and mitigate the risk of a heart disease.

Increased Nutrient Absorption in Pregnant Women

Dietary supplements also help pregnant women by increasing their nutrient absorption. Doctors often prescribe prenatal vitamins and minerals to ensure that the mother and the baby get an adequate amount of nutrients. In addition to meeting their regular needs, a multivitamin can also help babies prevent certain birth defects.

Build Bone Mass

Studies indicate that taking the adequate quantities of vitamin D and calcium along with a balanced diet can help strengthen the bones during adolescence and childhood. It is also effective in slowing the bone loss process that occurs naturally due to aging.

In today’s time and age, people don’t get enough calcium and Vitamin D, especially amongst women. Therefore, it is recommended to supplement your diet with these essential vitamins to improve bone density and also protect your overall health.

Slows the Aging Process

With age, our cognitive abilities, lung function, and neurological functions all suffer a beating. However, studies suggest that taking certain nutrients can protect various bodily functions, such as lungs, vision, brain etc., from deteriorating.

It also helps maintain the skin and muscle strength and makes the immunity system work efficiently in aging people. A long-term research revealed that the study participants on regular intake of Vitamin C and E supplements faced reduced risk of dementia. In fact, these participants witnessed an improvement in their cognitive function.

Dietary supplements are consumed by most adults in the United States these days. More men and women are making it a part of their daily routines. With its noted benefits and wide acceptance, the use of supplements has increased exponentially.

Health professionals all over the world also recommend the use of supplements daily as prescribed by your doctor. Supplement use will not only help you make your body stronger but also encourage you to follow a path of a healthy lifestyle that involves improving food habits and following a daily routine of physical exercise.

While further study is required to know the ability of supplements to prevent chronic diseases, there is enough scientific evidence proving its overall health benefits.

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Consult Gynecologists Instantly For All You Women Related Problems




It is very important to take proper care of your health. Women because of being burdened by household and work pressures tend to ignore their health till they are driven to an extreme. The female body is not similar to a male body. So for any kind of complications which happen inside her body there is need of a specialized doctor known as gynecologist. Gynecologist is basically a doctor who possesses in-depth knowledge as regards reproductive parts of a woman’s body. Get in touch with best Gynecologist in Mumbai if you are stricken with any issue related to your reproductive system.

Giving birth to a child is one of the best feelings and experience in life of a woman. If you live in Mumbai, you must visit the best Gynecologist in Mumbai in order to have a safe delivery and superb after care. However, choosing the right gynecologist is not as easy as it seems. There are so many different points which you need to consider so that you end up consulting the best person.  Besides, being academically brilliant a good gynecologist is fully aware of emotional issues which usually plague a woman.

A lot of women prefer to consult a female gynecologist as opening up your heart and problem in front of a man can be tough for some woman. So, keep your comfort factor in mind before choose your doctor. Also, you should be in touch with more than one person as it is quite possible that your doctor can be on a vacation as you face any emergency issue during course of your pregnancy. Many women prefer best Gynecologist in Mumbai because they know that they will get the attention as well as personalized approach which they need in time of illness or even during delivery.

It is not that woman doctors are superior to male doctor. It is just a matter of personal preference. The benefits linked with both the sexes are nearly the same. It is however hugely vital that you feel extremely comfortable as a woman and all your questions related to the problem are answered properly. Women suffer from a wide variety of issues such as cyst in the ovaries, blocked fallopian tubes, irregular periods, extreme bleeding during menstruation, PMS, bladder infections, breast cancer, ovarian cancer etc. Usually women who have been victim of sexual abuse or any other kind of sexual trauma find it very hard to consult a male gynecologist because of their inner fears and insecurities. You must read testimonials of a particular hospital or rely on word of mouth or seek opinion of your friends and family before choosing the best maternity hospital in Mumbai.  Anyone who has availed the services of a particular gynecologist before will always guide you better. Only once you have evaluated all the options available before you should you opt for the one which suits all your needs. Never act in haste as you can end up taking a wrong decision.

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