Layer the Sheer Shirt Right – Tips For Curvy Ladies

Sheer Shirt Tips For Curvy Ladies

Sheer tops have never gone off the fashion radar since the time they came to be. And now there has been no one untouched by the sheer revolution even if they are Size Zero or not! However, we figured that there might be those curvy ladies out there struggling to hit bull’s eye when they flaunt sheer. Either it is too tight or reveals their bulge. Sometime the sheer top can make those curves look too prominent—and thus—puts off the wearers. Check out these styling secrets inspired by my style-struggle sagas that can help you pull sheer with ravish!

#1. Say Hello To The Right Scarf

The biggest mistake curvy ladies commit when wearing sheer shirts is to button up until their B-line. This make you look too boring and also make your figure appear all the more round. Open the first three buttons and let your spaghetti be a clever cover up. Use a nice graffiti-print scarf or one in pastel shades to do the topping. If done the right way, the attention sits on your silhouette as a whole instead of focusing around the B-line only!

#2. Printed Tanks Work Wonders

Mostly, curvy girls try to combine a basic tube top under the sheer top/shirt they wear. This automatically makes you look too bulky and thus eats away into your agility.

Let us not forget the simplistic picture or cuts. Stop being lazy and go bold with wearing tanks. Even if you do not leave three buttons open, you can layer printed tanks underneath the sheer shirts for an astounding effect.

#3. Leave The Sheer Flowing

A slightly overboard style that not many dare if they are curvy. However, this works great for summer given that you have ample room to breathe as you leave the sheer shirt open over a well fitted ganjee in mute color or pop shades.

Try combining an orange ganjee with a white sheer piece. Such combinations make curves appear slim and render an overall smart look to the wearer.

#4. Wear A Tie

Not the typical office tie, silly bit welcome the scarf tie into your wardrobe. Leave you sheer shirt unbuttoned and wear a French tie around the neckline.

Make sure the tie is only until your waist at the most. Tie it cleverly and if you can, leave it loose as well. This style needs some practice but when done rightly can be a great scorcher.

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