It Is The Time For New Fitness And Wellness Resolutions Once Again!

Fitness resolution for 2018

It is indeed the time to be jolly! This is a special time that bears significant meaning to a lot of people. The beginning of a new year signifies the end of everything old and the beginning of something new. The New Year triggers a lot of fresh resolutions and goals. To more than 80% of the people around the world, the beginning of a new year coincides with new fitness goals, workout routines, and healthy diet.

Here are a few ways you can focus on fitness AND wellness this coming year –

Keep Your Fitness Plans Down To Earth

There are three secrets towards achieving your fitness resolutions –

  • Find your true motivation
  • Set short-term and achievable fitness goals
  • Always plan ahead

Once you follow this three-step procedure, you will find your fitness plans more realistic and your fitness goals easier to achieve. You will be less likely to give up midway. Whatever your ulterior goal is – running a 5k marathon or losing 5 pounds by the summer, you will be able to see your goal more clearly once you have your plans in hand.

Find Happiness

Fitness and wellness are not mutually exclusive of one another. In fact, to achieve complete wellness, you need to achieve some level of physical fitness. Even 10 minutes of physical exercise each day can bring some amount of mental peace. Physical wellbeing is the secret to mental wellbeing, and that is no secret! To find true happiness you need to gain more control of your life. This means all the small aspects of waking up early, being on time for work, finishing the assignments before the deadline and meeting your weight goals.

People who are less likely to be physically fit are more likely to be mentally unfit. In fact, a study shows that people who suffer from physical ailments more frequently are more likely to find themselves in clutches of medical debt and unpaid credit card bills. This happens when the lack of fitness causes physical problems and calls for frequent visits to the ER. An increasing incidence of workplace-related injuries, lifestyle influenced ailments and diseases due to poor diet choices are contributing to higher medical expenses among adult Americans right now!

Take The First Step

Funnily, most New Year’s resolutions simply fail because people become too reluctant to take the first step. We know of people who have wanted to lose 20 pounds in 12 months as a part of their 2017 resolution, but they have not tried working out for 20 minutes per day even once in the past year. This is terrible for your self-confidence. This kind of reluctance can give birth to self-doubt, and it can lead to deplorable mental health.

Taking the first step is as necessary as achieving the fitness goal. Breaking a sweat is extremely important for achieving complete wellness. Fitness and wellness directly influence life choices and finances. Therefore, if you do not have a fitness or a wellness resolution for 2018 in place yet, you should get one!

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