How Does Physical Fitness Help To Keep You In Good Financial Shape And Out Of Debt?

How Does Physical Fitness Help

Men and women rarely associate fitness with wellness. However, most men rank fitness above financial security and relationships. Women, on the other hand, rarely emphasize on physical fitness more than other factors. In fact, some women even suggested that fitness had a negative effect on their well-being.

As of the most recent survey results, nearly 80% of the American adults do not meet the standards of Physical Activity Guidelines of the US Health Department and Human Services. As per the NCHS data sets, women are far less likely to meet the requirements as compared to men. This includes both muscle strengthening activities and guidelines for aerobic exercises.

The Relationship Between Wellness And Fitness

In reality, fitness has always been in a strong relationship with wellness and well-being. People who are more physically active tend to age more slowly, have more energy, and they also live longer. Regular exercises reduce the risk of coronary diseases, lifestyle diseases and the chances of some debilitating diseases. A study by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that if people were to exercise daily –

  • There would be a 0.125% lesser incidence of colorectal cancer
  • Incidence of breast cancer would be 0.125% lesser
  • 1 in 15 cases of heart diseases would not be there

In fact, daily exercises can prevent 1 out of 10 premature deaths among the US citizens.

A Workout Can Prevent Debt!

Physical fitness has a profound impact on mental health. In fact, the lack of physical fitness increases the chances of gaining weight, getting diabetes, attracting coronary troubles, having hormonal dis-balances and incidences of depression. Being in bad physical shape almost always results in increased expenses. These common yet expensive diseases can result in debilitating medical fees, regular expenses regarding diagnostics and pharmaceuticals.

Many Americans are falling victim to the rising prices of health care and increasing costs of medical insurances. They are jumping towards medical credit cards and terrible medical loan opportunities, causing their finances to plummet into insurmountable debt.

Physical Fitness Is Your Best Investment

This is like a feedback loop. When people in bad health make bad financial choices, it results in more stress that prevents fast and healthy recovery. Anyone can easily avoid these fiascos by simply engaging in daily workout routines. Forget costly gym memberships and trainer’s fees! You can start your fitness regime by simply signing up for a fitness challenge online or via an app. You can take help from your old medical records to find out about your existing medical conditions.

Download applications that put you directly in touch with expert trainers. They can tell you what kinds of exercises are ideal for your body type, specific physiological conditions and for special requirements. For example – there are older men and women, who want to engage in mobility workouts that challenge their joints. This helps them overcome arthritic pain. Younger men and women may want to reduce weight, gain mass or focus on specific problems like slow metabolism or higher accumulation of fat around the mid-section.

A little workout, on a regular basis, goes a long way to prevent some diseases. Not all kinds of workouts need gyms, parks and fitness centers. You can engage in positive workout sessions at home, inside your bedroom or your garage to enjoy the positive effects of working out, ASAP!

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