How Badly Can Lethargy And Lack Of Exercise Affect Adults?

Lack Of Exercise

Many healthy adults possess incredible metabolism rates and low-fat accumulation rates. Research shows that people, who tend to remain in better shape throughout their lives, are more prone to lethargy. The logic here is simple. People with higher metabolism rates usually do not think much if they have to skip working out for a couple of weeks or have to binge on fries and burgers for one week straight. After all, how much can two weeks of no exercise hurt?

Inactivity Invites Ailments Among Adults

A stunning new study shows that among adults of average age 25 years, not working out for 14 days can have adverse effects. Two weeks is just a said limit during which the institute conducted their study and observed the participants. In reality, some people do not work out for months or even years since their job schedules do not permit them. Such periods of inactivity invites adverse physical changes that can result in Diabetes Type II, increase in body fat in the central region, increasing the risk of coronary diseases, arthritis, spondylosis and many similar chronic conditions.

Lack Of Fitness Is Contributing To Your Bills!

A separate study by National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows the link between lack of physical exercise and the increase in medical expenses. Sadly, more than 33% of US adults are physically inactive. People, who have chronic heart problems can save over $2,500 in annual healthcare by engaging in 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day. However, since only about 50% of all US adults meet the aerobic exercise requirement guidelines, the healthcare costs in the USA are skyrocketing, and most people are meeting devastating debt consolidation on their way to recovery!

The Smartest Ways To Stay Fit And Save Big

  • One of the best ways to boost your regular activity levels is by wearing a fitness tracker. Whether is it a FitBit or a cheaper version of the same, as long as it can track your vitals and count the number of steps you are taking, it is good for you!
  • In fact, if you are finding it impossible to exercise due to surmounting work pressure, you should take regular workout breaks. These are just like lunch breaks, but only much shorter. Just get up from your “ergonomic” chair and stretch a bit. Walk up and down the stairs a couple of times before you get back to pounding those keys.
  • Find a parking spot that’s further away. This might cause you to trot to your desk every morning, but that is going to be good for you. Jog to and from your car each day.
  • Do you know what chair yoga is? Well, that’s the nerd’s version of regular yoga, but on the desk! Just check it out. It is cool, efficient and it will save you tons of money you would otherwise spend on therapy, pain management, and medication.

Whenever you can, take some time out for working out. You can try rewarding yourself with one extra slice of pizza or the scenic route home once you complete the day’s workout goal. Fitness for office workers is not difficult; it just needs a little creativity that can save time and still keep the regimes as effective.

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