How Does Fitness Play An Important Role In The Life Of Computer Users?

How Does Fitness Play An Important Role In The Life Of Computer Users

Wherever we look, we see hacks that reduce weight and miracle diets that help people drop 10 pounds in 10 days. Those are extremely lucrative, but today we are here to talk exclusively about the health and fitness of the “nerd squad.” This will help all the office workers, and computer-holics stay fit, in spite of spending an uncountable number of hours typing away to ecstasy.

What Health Risks Are You Taking By Sitting In Front Of The Monitor For Endless Hours?

Sitting for long periods of time is never good for the back. It does not matter if you are working on a Windows 98 PC system or a Mac! Couple these long hours with poor posture and you are inviting spondylosis, chronic neck pain and shoulder pain, herniation of vertebral discs, vision abnormalities, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, digestive problems and chronic headache. The risks more than double if you are over 40 years old.

Almost all of these diseases are chronic, and they require prolonged therapy. Some of them also require corrective surgical procedures. Although almost all working adults have health plans, none of them cover the entire cost of the procedures or the medication. The constantly increasing prices of the same are forcing most Americans into medical debt. As per a recent Rasmussen report, pharmacy costs have outpaced the rise in wages in the past year (2017). Another report suggests that by 2025, pharmaceuticals (medicines or drugs) will contribute over 40% of any medical plan cost.

How Can You Prevent It?

You cannot avoid working, and you certainly cannot avoid working on PCs. No sensible person can ask you to cut down your hours in front of the computer since it will directly impact your productivity and your finances. Instead, you can simply take a small 5 minutes break every hour and get up from your desk.

We cannot ask you to perform calisthenics in the middle of your office, but we can certainly ask you to walk from your cubicle or your desk to the restroom or the kitchen a couple of times before you sit down again.

Simple Exercises At Your Desk

  • You can also engage in simple stretching exercises every hour or so. Just move your neck from side to side slowly about ten times. Move it up and down to 10 times. For stretching your body, stand straight, put your hands on your back, bend forward and then bend backward, slowly.
  • If you are not comfortable moving about or attracting attention to yourself with standing stretches, you can try a couple of sitting exercises at your desk. Sit up straight in your chair, open your legs and extend your arms. Mimic the movement of jumping jacks to engage your core muscles and to keep the blood flowing.

Always take the stairs. Whether it is to enter the office or to grab lunch, opt for the stairs instead of the elevator. This simple choice will switch up your metabolism and get your blood flowing.

Office fitness is essential for everyone holding a desk job! Never compromise on your health simply because you have a significant project to finish or a deadline to meet. A little stretching can go a long way to prevent back problems, eye problems, and slow metabolism.

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