Even The Most Common Health Issues Can Lead To Financial Troubles

Most Common Health Issues

A cough and cold, acid reflux, joint pains, and headaches are very common during our stress-fuelled days. Almost all of us have the habit of neglecting such common afflictions and plow through the days with the help of aspirins, caffeine and energy drinks. Though you can deal with minor issues with “quick fixes,” you cannot afford to suppress major health concerns.

When All The Bills Come To Haunt

There are times when these common and recurring problems become insurmountable. Caffeine is no longer enough to keep us energized, and aspirins no longer seem to work their magic. Simple headaches turn out to be sinusitis or migraines, cough and cold turn out to be the flu or rhinitis and joint pains turn out to be osteoarthritis.

These are the times when all the neglect and the reluctance catch up to our regular productivity and cause a massive crisis in our everyday lives. This is exactly when you face hundreds and sometimes, thousands of dollars worth medical bills. In the USA, rising medical costs still surpass the inflation levels. Americans now hold more debt than ever before, and this is a result of the exponential increase in the price of healthcare and medication.

Why Should You Not Neglect Common Illnesses?

Here are a few reasons, even the most common rashes, runny noses, and body aches may need a little more of your concern and attention –

1. Headaches: These are the most common health problems among all adults. About 75% of adults in the USA suffer from headaches. However, this is also one of the most neglected. You should never neglect a headache since it can be a sign of sinus infections, migraine or irregularities of medication. Headaches are the first sign of any metabolic problems, deficiency diseases, and other infections.

2. Runny noses/blocked noses: Both of these are symptoms of a cough and cold, but these can also be symptoms of allergic reactions. Most people do not take allergies seriously enough, since they do not realize that anaphylaxis can be life-threatening. You need to contact your GP immediately if you suspect an allergic reaction.

3. A sore throat: It is extremely common for kids and most ignored too. A sore throat can be a result of viral infections or bacterial infections. Severe streptococcus infections can also start out as throat pain. In fact, tonsillitis is one of the leading causes of a sore throat in almost all ages.

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4. Back pain: Although, stress and lack of movement is the leading cause of back pain in adults and kids, infection in the pancreas and kidney problems can also cause chronic back pain. You should never neglect back problems, aches, and soreness at any age, and contact your doctor immediately.

Most of us are too reluctant to go to the doctor unless any illness is interfering with our ability to work. While this does seem like the smarter thing to do rather than spending money on doctor’s appointments and missing casual leaves, these problems can be indicators of underlying problems.

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