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8 Ways To Stay Fit While Working At Home



Ways To Stay Fit While Working At Home

Working at home is not much different than working outside the home as far as staying fit is concerned. Staying fit keeps energy levels up, improves productivity, prevents injuring oneself, protects against colds, keeps the mind alert, and plays a crucial role in efficiently fueling the body. There are eight ways to stay healthy and fit.

1. Rest the eyes

Concentrating on the task at hand can make it too easy to forget how important eyes are to one’s overall fitness level. Give them a break. Breaks are great ways to rejuvenate the muscles, improve blood circulation and prevent injury. Every 30 minutes, rest the eyes to prevent eye strain and visual problems. Another option is to close the eyes and make circles with them.

2. Start doing isometrics

Isometrics are great ways to improve circulation and strengthen muscles throughout the body. While sitting in a chair, tighten each of the muscle groups throughout the body. Hold the contraction for six seconds. This can also be done while standing.

3. Do some stretches

It is too easy for muscles to become stiff, achy and cause headaches plus other ailments. Prevent this by stretching all the muscle groups. Sit up straight in a chair, feet firmly planted on the floor, and place the left hand onto the outer side of the right thigh. Gently turn the upper body to the right. Hold this stretch for 10 seconds. Slowly return to the original position. Repeat this exercise to the left. Another version is simply raising both arms and turning the body to each side.

4. Remember to eat well

Eating habits play a crucial role in keeping fit. Food fuels the body by providing calories that are converted into energy. Eat a variety of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy foods throughout the day. Remember to schedule a lunch time where foods can be enjoyed while not sitting at the computer. Snack on healthy foods instead of junk foods to keep energy levels up.

5. Remember hand health

Staying fit while working at home means not forgetting about the hands. Overusing fingers and hands can easily lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, something that needs to be avoided at all costs. When taking the above-mentioned eye breaks, stretch all the fingers apart or squeeze a tennis ball.

6. Get a good cardio workout

To operate at optimum levels, be sure to fit some cardio workouts into an everyday routine. Get an all-body workout by using an elliptical machine for 30 minutes at a moderately intense level. As an alternative, use a treadmill and move the arms in a similar manner.

7. Drink plenty of water

Water is crucial for keeping properly hydrated throughout the day. It removes toxins from the body, is a natural appetite suppressant and keeps everything operating as it should.

8. Get outside the house

Removing oneself from the house stimulates the mind and may also allow for some socializing. Go for a 30-minute walk or go to the local gym and get in a good swim workout.

Staying fit while working at home is essential. It is too easy to forget this when no one is looking over one’s shoulder. Each work-at-home person controls his or her own destiny and work schedule. Optimizing it to include staying fit will only benefit one’s overall health.

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Five Essential Lower Body Exercises That Every Woman Should be Doing




Did you know that those hours you’re spending on the treadmill aren’t going to help you get the legs you’re looking for?

It’s true that walking and running are great forms of exercise. But, if you want to have toned, shapely legs, you need to make sure you’re also strength training on a regular basis.

If you’re ready to start building the legs of your dreams, keep reading. Listed below are five of the best lower body exercises for women that will help you do just that!

A Little Secret

Before getting into the actual exercises, there’s a little secret you need to know. The best lower body exercises for women are also the best lower body exercises for men!

When it comes to shaping your lower body, there’s no reason for you to do different exercises than the men in your life.

Don’t let the videos of endless glute kickbacks that you see on Instagram and YouTube fool you.

If you want to get a strong, sculpted lower body, these are the moves you ought to be doing, regardless of your gender.

1. Squats

Squats - Best lower body workout for woman

When it comes to lists of the best lower body exercises for women, squats regularly rank first, and for good reason.

A squat is a compound movement, which means it works multiple muscle groups. Prioritizing compound movements is the best way to build muscle and burn fat.

You can do squats with a barbell, dumbbells, a resistance band, or even just your own body weight if you’re a total beginner.

Be sure to keep these form cues in mind so that you can avoid injuries and see the greatest amount of results from your squats:

  • Keep your spine neutral (don’t round or over arch your back)
  • Keep your chest and shoulders lifted (try looking at a spot on the wall in front of you)
  • Avoid letting your knees cave in
  • Try to get your thighs parallel to the ground, if not lower

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2. Deadlifts


Deadlifts are another essential compound exercise.

They work almost all the muscles in the posterior chain — all the muscles on the back side of the body, such as the calves, hamstrings, low back, and glutes. Because of this, they’re one of the most effective exercises for women who want to build strong, defined legs.

If you do deadlifts regularly, you’re also less likely to injure yourself in your daily life when you’re bending over to pick things up or set them down.

There are tons of different deadlift variations out there. Some of the most common include conventional deadlifts, sumo deadlifts, and Romanian deadlifts.

The setup for each version is slightly different. But, these cues will help you master any type of deadlift you attempt:

  • Keep your weight in your heels and midfoot
  • Don’t let your hips rise before your chest when lifting the weight
  • Keep the weight close to your body at all times
  • Squeeze your glutes as you lift, but don’t hyperextend your knees and low back when you reach the top
  • Keep your core engaged as you lower the weight

Deadlifts are usually not as familiar as squats to people who are new to the gym. When you’re first getting started, don’t be afraid to use just the bar or a pair of light dumbbells. This will allow you to nail the form and avoid injuring yourself.

3. Bulgarian Split Squats

Bulgarian Split Squats for lower body

A Bulgarian split squat is a great single-leg exercise that works the glutes, quads, and hamstrings. During this exercise, you have one leg in front of you in a lunge position while your back leg is elevated with your foot resting on a box or bench.

To do a Bulgarian split squat correctly, make sure you’re keeping these cues in mind:

  • Sit your hips back the same you would while doing a regular squat
  • Bend your back leg deeply (you should be aiming for your knee to almost touch the floor)
  • Keep your chest and shoulders lifted
  • Drive through your front heel when you stand up and don’t let your knee cave in

Most people find that Bulgarian splits squats are plenty difficult when performed with just their body weight, although you can always add dumbbells or a barbell if you need an extra challenge.

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4. Barbell Hip Thrusts

Barbell Hip Thrusts

If you want to have great glutes, barbell hip thrusts are a must.

The hip thrust is a foreign exercise for most people and can be a little intimidating at first. But, in addition to major compound lifts, it’s one of the best exercises for women who want to grow their glutes.

When you’re getting set up for a hip thrust, make sure your barbell is parallel to the bench. Then, sit on the floor and make sure your shoulders and shoulder blades are resting on the bench. Roll the barbell so it’s over your legs and sitting directly on your hips.

Once you’re set up, you’re ready to hip thrust. To get the most out of the somewhat awkward exercise, be sure to do the following:

  • Keep your spine neutral and your chin tucked slightly
  • Push your heels and squeeze your glutes tightly to lift the barbell
  • Keep your core engaged, especially when you lower the weight

If you find this exercise to be painful, try placing a rolled-up yoga mat under the bar to create some extra cushion between it and your hips.

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5. Calf Raises

Calf Raises

Your calves will get some attention when you’re doing exercises like deadlifts. But, if you really want to fill out your legs, you should also work them on their own with bodyweight or weighted calf raises.

The calf raise is a pretty simple exercise — you just raise yourself up onto your toes. But there are lots of things you can do to help you get more out of the movement:

  • Alternate between having your toes pointed forward, turned in, and turned out
  • Avoid letting your ankles roll out when you rise up (think of keeping your weight on your big and middle toes)
  • Change up your speed when you raise and lower yourself down to mix things up
  • Stand on one foot and do single-leg calf raises to challenge your balance

If you have any mobility issues, you can also try standing on a bench or step to get a larger range of motion.

Final Thoughts

Remember, there’s no need for you to be afraid of lifting weights. So many women are afraid of getting “bulky” or “big” if they lift heavy, but it’s very hard for that to actually happen.

Don’t lift so heavy that your form suffers, of course. But, remember that lifting heavy weights will help you build muscle, which will speed up your metabolism and help you burn fat easier. It’s a win-win!

Start incorporating these lower body exercises into your workout routine today, and you’ll see amazing results before you know it!


Author Bio: Natalie Thongrit is a freelance writer who focuses primarily on fitness, health, and wellness-related content. You can connect with her on Twitter or LinkedIn, or check out her portfolio to read more of her work.


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5 Things To Consider Before Choosing An MMA Gym




MMA gyms near me

So you’ve decided to live like a champion and enroll in an MMA Gym.  Martial Arts Schools come in different setups. Most schools are specialized in only one area like Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but nowadays there are some that offer both or most of fighting styles at the same time. Before you commit yourself to a gym’s monthly fees you must decide if you want to focus on learning one fighting style first or learn MMA off the bat.

Typical MMA gym monthly fees go at $50-$150 per month and before you get to train you might need to buy the required equipment first. To get all your money’s worth then make sure you take note of these 5 tips:

1. Instructors

A Martial Arts School is nothing without the presence of an expert. Check out their website and determine whether or not you feel that their instructors have sufficient experience. Does their website have a “contact us” page? Set up a list of questions and contact them so they can answer any questions you may have concerning their school. You can’t expect each gym to have a celebrity trainer on there what you should really care about after the instructor is the next factor.

mixed martial arts training

2. Program Structure

Do they have an organized training plan? A good martial arts school will explain to you how the progression of their course will be like. Unless your only in it for the exercise, you should care if the program will help your advancement as a martial artist somehow. Consider what sort of fitness training is going to be provided. Can the classes offer to a wide variety of fitness levels? Do they offer a variety of classes and or “focuses” in their training schedule?

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3. Facility

First impressions last. When you enter the front door of the gym you should look around and see if you can picture yourself working out in that gym for hours on end. Does the place have an adequate ventilation? It can get really hot and muggy inside an MMA gym especially when there’s a lot of people working out at the same time. This can be a big issue especially you have breathing problems or your conditioning is not very good yet.

Is there sufficient space for every body? MMA Training requires you to move around a lot whether your doing drills or sparring with someone make sure the gym has adequate space or the staff at least does something to prevent overcrowding. Are the equipment sanitary? I don’t really care if most of the gym’s heavy bag are busted up, what you should really care about is the flooring or anything in the gym that might potentially touch your skin while training, the last thing you want is getting a staph infection from a dirty surface.

4. The People

How to choose mma training gyms

Aside from the fact that you might get to punch or choke one of the students there, mma gyms are a great place to make new friends. Do they have a friendly staff? You might also consider if you can trust your life with the people  around there, after all MMA is a dangerous sport. Having someone that is knowledgeable with basic life support is always great.

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5. Schedule

Most of the time a school’s training schedule is fixed to accommodate every body and make sure that every one is learning. Make sure a school’s schedule fits especially if you’re busy with work.

Take advantage of a school’s free trial and see if you like it. If it doesn’t suit you, then you can always go somewhere else. Sometimes it takes time to learn whether or not a school and its instructors are a good match for you. So keep this in mind that sometimes you have to “taste test” to really get a feel for what you want in a mixed martial arts school. These steps can help you identify and narrow down your search for a quality Mixed Martial Arts School and to help you get the best MMA training available in your local area.

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There Is Hardly Anything Better Than Prohormones for Weight Loss and Mass Building




Prohormones for Weight Loss and Mass Building

Athletes have to rely heavily on fitness and strength together with stamina and endurance to enhance performance that raises the bar in competitive sports. The need for a great body that supports superior performance has led to the use of special supplements that accelerate the process of growth.

Athletes use dietary supplements that contain prohormone compounds to build strong muscular bodies very quickly by adding more mass while increasing stamina and endurance levels significantly. Apparently, prohormones are safer than steroids, which is a reason for using it.

Unlike steroids, prohormones are legal in the US and have similar powers of steroids that could provide the same benefits without putting you into any trouble. What prohormones are, how it is useful and where you can get it would be clear after reading this article.

Need for Hormonal Support

Hormones produced by the body primarily testosterone is responsible for body growth and building muscles in a natural way. Athletes who set high targets for performance need more strength and stamina to deliver results, but the hormones produced by the body are never sufficient to meet the lofty goals. That means that they cannot depend on what the body does on its own and would require special inputs that supply the necessary quantity of hormones that accelerate growth, adds more mass and make the body more strong to enable them to achieve the targets very fast.

Prohormones can plug the gap in the supply of hormones by provoking the body to produce more hormones so that there is speedy bulking and muscle growth.

Prohormones are Growth-Boosting Agents

Complacency is the worst enemy of those wishing to keep bettering their performance and to stay motivated you have to prove your worth again and again. Therefore, consistently performing well is the only way to survive at the highest level for which you need prohormones that can boost your capabilities. With the support of prohormones, you will be surprised at what you can achieve that you had never even imagined doing.

How it Works

The compounds of hormones available in the form of pills and supplements mix with the bloodstream and start a chemical process that enhances the production of hormones. The excess supply of hormones pushes up the process of growth as you experience more stamina to perform without fatigue.  Prohormones accelerate protein synthesis in the body thereby speeding up the growth of muscle tissue, retards fat cell growth, and speeds up recovery after training or injury. You would never feel fatigue and can train harder for a longer duration.

 There are different kinds of prohormones available, and you would always find one for achieving the type of bodybuilding goal that you have set. Prohormones are available in various packs of assorted types, and you can refer to prohormone reviews to know which would be suitable for you. The stage of training or the development phase that you are going through is also an important consideration when selecting prohormones.

You can buy Prohormones from the online stores that cater to all kinds of bodybuilding needs.

Author bio: Steven Murray is a baseball player and has high ambitions of turning a pro. He has benefited from prohormone reviews and does not hesitate to share information for helping others. He is very active in the social media.

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