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7 Ways Being Thinner Improves Your Sex Life!



make your sex life more enjoyable

Yes, being thinner will improve your sex life. This doesn’t mean you have to be ‘skinny’ to have a good time in bed–it means that losing that extra fat that’s weighing you down will make your sex life more enjoyable…and adventurous!

Whether you like it kinky or plain ol’ vanilla, you can’t discount the benefits of a proper diet on your desire to have sex and your performance while you do! Improving the moves is up to you, but helping you get there…well, that’s something we can help you achieve.

1. More Confident

Dropping even a few of those extra pounds will revive your libido, giving you a renewed desire to get frisky which honestly is half the battle. Losing 5 pounds will make you feel proud of your accomplishment and confident in your body. When we feel more confident about how we look, it makes us want to have sex more.

Simply wanting to have more sex will put your partner in the mood more frequently. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first 5 pounds you need to lose or the only 5. The confidence that comes with losing weight will put you back in the mood for lovin’!

2. More Adventurous

Another added benefit of losing those unnecessary pounds? Exercising and losing weight helps you maintain muscle flexibility, which is useful when you want to try different positions. Losing any amount of weight will put less strain on your muscles, allowing them to move more freely.

Greater muscle flexibility means that you can now try all those pretzel-like positions in your girlfriend’s latest issue of Cosmo! If your sex life has been mundane, make it more exciting by getting more aerobic exercise. Thirty minutes of volleyball, swimming, or roller skating will help you burn as much as 400 calories!

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3. More Stamina

In addition to making you an overall healthier person, losing weight through exercise and a healthy diet gives you more energy. Eating lean proteins along with fresh fruits and vegetables makes you feel energetic, compared to your old mid-afternoon snack of greasy foods and sugary drinks.

More energy means you have more to give in the bedroom. Having more energy is a double bonus. First, more energy means you can have sex for longer periods of time. Second, sex is aerobic exercise! Just 30 minutes of doin’ the deed burns about 150 calories and longer sex means more calories burned. Sex shouldn’t be your only exercise, but I think its awesome something as fun as sex also burns extra fat!

It’s a sex cycle that’ll spin you into the you, you’ve always wanted to be!

7 Ways Being Thinner Improves Your Sex Life!

4. Better Performance

Losing weight is a great cure for obesity-related illnesses like high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. These conditions can cause physical sexual dysfunction in men and women. In men, high blood pressure and diabetes can shut down the arteries–which control the blood flow–in the penis which you kinda need for an awesome performance between the sheets.

Overweight women can experience the same problem with blockage in the blood vessels in the clitoris. Problems such as these make it difficult for men to perform well during sex and it makes it difficult for women to enjoy sex and often, difficult to climax as well. Bummer, right?

By adopting a healthy diet where you eat less and move more, you can reverse these problems that aren’t allowing you to enjoy having sex. A thinner you will have proper circulation so that all your sexy bits work as they should, and that means a more enjoyable Friday night for everyone involved!

5. Greater Arousal

When our bodies stray from what doctors consider a healthy body weight our hormones tend to get ‘out of whack’. Unbalanced hormones can make you feel depressed or anxious, but more importantly, they affect your desire to become aroused.

A healthy diet with regular physical activity will help you lose weight and it’ll balance out your hormones, making you feel happier and hornier! By adopting a lifestyle that will help you burn fat, you’ll want to have sex more and when the time comes for you to actually have sex…it will be easier for you to become aroused.

Arousal is the first step for a fun night of sex!

6. Attitude is EVERYTHING!

When you take the first step to leading a healthier life you will, without a doubt, feel better about yourself and life in general. This means that you won’t worry as much about how you look in this position or from that angle, because you are a ‘work in progress’ and you’ll be more likely to go with the flow.

Having a ‘go with the flow’ attitude in bed will allow you to relax and simply enjoy yourself. It’s a known fact that its much sexier to have a little fun in the sack than have mediocre self-conscious sex. Forget what the scale says when it’s time to get down. Studies show that about 30% of overweight people experience sexual difficulties. The good news is that means that about 70% of overweight folks are doing alright in the sex department.

That’s good news for all of us. Have a positive attitude about your weight loss progress NOW. Are you gonna wait until you reach your weight loss goal before you start enjoying sex again? I don’t think so.

7. More Sex

I think we can all agree that having more sex is a good thing, right? Well losing weight can help you achieve just that. You’ll want to have more sex when you have less weight on your knees and hips. You can diminish or eliminate that pain by shedding the extra fat.

When you can have sex on a whim, you’ll want to and guess what? You will!

Just imagine all the time you’ll have to actually have sex rather than make sure you’ve got your blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes or heart medication. Imagine all the sexual fantasies you can act out if you just do these things:

1. Eat smaller portions.
2. Eat lean proteins and lots of fruits and vegetables.
3. Exercise regularly.

Looking for the right solution to your weight loss problems? Visit MyBeautyGym or subscribe IEMiller for latest updates on health and fitness.

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How to Age Better with Ayurveda




Ayurveda and anti-aging

All living things age with time, from the towering trees to animals and birds. Even the earth, its seas and mountains are ageing over the years. The same applies to human beings. Ageing is a term that includes the changes that occur in our body with time. This includes psychological, social and physical changes.

However, it is the physical change that matters most to us. We must grow emotionally, socially and mentally as we grow older. But physical changes are seldom as welcome. As we leave our 30s and step into our 40s, we start worrying about grey hair, ageing skin and other such signs. Fortunately, remedies by Ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies can slow down this process.

Ageing in Ayurveda

It is important to note here that Ayurveda sees ageing as a natural process. Ayurveda calls it a Yapya disease, which is the natural process of decaying. With the inner changes, our exterior also changes. These changes are in our in our doshas and effect our mental and physical condition.

There are two types of ageing in Ayurveda — premature ageing and permanent. Premature ageing can be addressed, but permanent ageing cannot be changed. To achieve the former we need to follow the tenets of Ayurveda. It also details medicines and formulations that Ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies provide in conveniently addressed pills and syrups.

The anti-ageing philosophy in Ayurveda is known as Vaya Sthapan. It can be divided in two parts — the right diet and proper medication.

The Right Diet 

Old-age is dominated by Vata Dosha, and hence one must adhere to a dietary plan that is Vata pacifying. Ayurveda recommends a daily consumption of cow’s milk and ghee. It also has a detailed diet of milk and rice. Food should be cooked well and be easy to digest.

Fruits, especially sweet, juicy fruits are considered good for the skin, particularly if taken for breakfast. Whole grains like millet, amarnath and barley must be taken instead of refined grains like maida. Easily digestible proteins like milk and paneer are preferred. Different skin-friendly spices should be used in cooking.

Ayurveda stresses on a holistic approach to anti-ageing and uses completely natural ingredients in its formulations. In fact, many of the medicines by Ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies use ingredients that are found in our kitchen!

Good digestion is also seen as a vital part of an ideal lifestyle. Here are some tips for good digestion:

  • Meals must be eaten in a peaceful and calm environment with no distractions. This is important to ensure that one’s attention is on the food and the experience.
  • Before every meal one should take fresh ginger with some lemon juice and salt.
  • Sip on hot water between meals .
  • Avoid cold drinks and cold food.
  • Chew the food well.
  • Do not stuff your stomach. The stomach should be two-third full after a meal

Ayurvedic Medicines:

Some of the common medicines prescribed for their anti-ageing properties are:

Honey: Honey has powerful anti-ageing properties and has been used for ages as part of various skin formulations. It acts as a moisturiser, preventing wrinkles. It is used in face masks, creams, moisturisers and face wash.

Shilajit: Available in capsule form, Shilajit has powerful antioxidants that ensures a healthy ageing. Clinical evidence has also been shown in its effectiveness against a host of conditions related to ageing like Alzheimer’s disease, low testosterone, fatigue and heart health.

Ashwagandha: This miracle drug is not only good for your skin, it is also beneficial in our psychological preservation. The Indian form of ginseng helps us to adopt to the toxins in our environment, rejuvenating the body and mind. It keeps the skin smooth and wrinkle free. It is also beneficial for people with dementia, stress and depression.

Amla: It is a rich source of Vitamin C, which can slow down changes of ageing. It can improve the digestive system and aid in detoxification. This has a beneficial effect on the skin and hair. This can be used as part of a face mask or eaten daily.

Turmeric: A staple of Indian diet, turmeric is one the highest anti-oxidant spices. This means it protects the skin from signs of ageing, damage from UV rays and keeps skin elastic. Fresh turmeric can be eaten or used as a face mask.

These nature ingredients are extremely important for those who want to slow down the damaging effects of ageing. Fortunately, Ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies offer these in easy to use formulations.

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It Is The Time For New Fitness And Wellness Resolutions Once Again!




Fitness resolution for 2018

It is indeed the time to be jolly! This is a special time that bears significant meaning to a lot of people. The beginning of a new year signifies the end of everything old and the beginning of something new. The New Year triggers a lot of fresh resolutions and goals. To more than 80% of the people around the world, the beginning of a new year coincides with new fitness goals, workout routines, and healthy diet.

Here are a few ways you can focus on fitness AND wellness this coming year –

Keep Your Fitness Plans Down To Earth

There are three secrets towards achieving your fitness resolutions –

  • Find your true motivation
  • Set short-term and achievable fitness goals
  • Always plan ahead

Once you follow this three-step procedure, you will find your fitness plans more realistic and your fitness goals easier to achieve. You will be less likely to give up midway. Whatever your ulterior goal is – running a 5k marathon or losing 5 pounds by the summer, you will be able to see your goal more clearly once you have your plans in hand.

Find Happiness

Fitness and wellness are not mutually exclusive of one another. In fact, to achieve complete wellness, you need to achieve some level of physical fitness. Even 10 minutes of physical exercise each day can bring some amount of mental peace. Physical wellbeing is the secret to mental wellbeing, and that is no secret! To find true happiness you need to gain more control of your life. This means all the small aspects of waking up early, being on time for work, finishing the assignments before the deadline and meeting your weight goals.

People who are less likely to be physically fit are more likely to be mentally unfit. In fact, a study shows that people who suffer from physical ailments more frequently are more likely to find themselves in clutches of medical debt and unpaid credit card bills. This happens when the lack of fitness causes physical problems and calls for frequent visits to the ER. An increasing incidence of workplace-related injuries, lifestyle influenced ailments and diseases due to poor diet choices are contributing to higher medical expenses among adult Americans right now!

Take The First Step

Funnily, most New Year’s resolutions simply fail because people become too reluctant to take the first step. We know of people who have wanted to lose 20 pounds in 12 months as a part of their 2017 resolution, but they have not tried working out for 20 minutes per day even once in the past year. This is terrible for your self-confidence. This kind of reluctance can give birth to self-doubt, and it can lead to deplorable mental health.

Taking the first step is as necessary as achieving the fitness goal. Breaking a sweat is extremely important for achieving complete wellness. Fitness and wellness directly influence life choices and finances. Therefore, if you do not have a fitness or a wellness resolution for 2018 in place yet, you should get one!

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How Does Fitness Play An Important Role In The Life Of Computer Users?




How Does Fitness Play An Important Role In The Life Of Computer Users

Wherever we look, we see hacks that reduce weight and miracle diets that help people drop 10 pounds in 10 days. Those are extremely lucrative, but today we are here to talk exclusively about the health and fitness of the “nerd squad.” This will help all the office workers, and computer-holics stay fit, in spite of spending an uncountable number of hours typing away to ecstasy.

What Health Risks Are You Taking By Sitting In Front Of The Monitor For Endless Hours?

Sitting for long periods of time is never good for the back. It does not matter if you are working on a Windows 98 PC system or a Mac! Couple these long hours with poor posture and you are inviting spondylosis, chronic neck pain and shoulder pain, herniation of vertebral discs, vision abnormalities, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, digestive problems and chronic headache. The risks more than double if you are over 40 years old.

Almost all of these diseases are chronic, and they require prolonged therapy. Some of them also require corrective surgical procedures. Although almost all working adults have health plans, none of them cover the entire cost of the procedures or the medication. The constantly increasing prices of the same are forcing most Americans into medical debt. As per a recent Rasmussen report, pharmacy costs have outpaced the rise in wages in the past year (2017). Another report suggests that by 2025, pharmaceuticals (medicines or drugs) will contribute over 40% of any medical plan cost.

How Can You Prevent It?

You cannot avoid working, and you certainly cannot avoid working on PCs. No sensible person can ask you to cut down your hours in front of the computer since it will directly impact your productivity and your finances. Instead, you can simply take a small 5 minutes break every hour and get up from your desk.

We cannot ask you to perform calisthenics in the middle of your office, but we can certainly ask you to walk from your cubicle or your desk to the restroom or the kitchen a couple of times before you sit down again.

Simple Exercises At Your Desk

  • You can also engage in simple stretching exercises every hour or so. Just move your neck from side to side slowly about ten times. Move it up and down to 10 times. For stretching your body, stand straight, put your hands on your back, bend forward and then bend backward, slowly.
  • If you are not comfortable moving about or attracting attention to yourself with standing stretches, you can try a couple of sitting exercises at your desk. Sit up straight in your chair, open your legs and extend your arms. Mimic the movement of jumping jacks to engage your core muscles and to keep the blood flowing.

Always take the stairs. Whether it is to enter the office or to grab lunch, opt for the stairs instead of the elevator. This simple choice will switch up your metabolism and get your blood flowing.

Office fitness is essential for everyone holding a desk job! Never compromise on your health simply because you have a significant project to finish or a deadline to meet. A little stretching can go a long way to prevent back problems, eye problems, and slow metabolism.

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