6 Ways to Get Rid of Face Wrinkles

How to get rid of face wrinkles

Face is the most prominent part of our body, perhaps the first thing that people would notice about you. And anything that is awry on face is a huge concern for the people who are so much obsessed with their face. Wrinkles are one of the problems that occur on the cheeks, near the eyes and forehead.

Wrinkles on the forehead are really irritating as it makes you look old and dull. Not necessarily it happens in old age, but if you are not careful about your skin, then it might happen to you in your early age. Obviously, nobody would love to look old in their early ages; therefore there are several ways to get rid of them.

1. Drink a lot of Water

Drinking water is the most easy and simple way to get rid of wrinkles because you don’t have to go buy costly sunscreens or any other cosmetic, just drink water. Water is the probably the best liquid having no disadvantages.

Drinking water

Drinking water makes keeps your skin hydrated, smooth and healthy, but the only drawback of this method is the results would not appear immediately in one or two months. You have to keep patience for like eight or ten months. Additionally, water not only helps in disappearing of wrinkles but it also helps you to keep away from other diseases.

2. Quit Smoking

Smoking is also one of the main reasons for wrinkles, but smoking contributes in speeding up your skin aging process and resulting in wrinkles. Tobacco content in Cigarette causes the contracting of blood vessels in the skin, which interrupts blood flow to your skin. As less blood reaches your skin, your skin would not get enough amount of oxygen and other nutrients which it is supposed to receive and causes skin impairment. Yet, cigarette smokers are addicted to cigarettes and possibly no chance of quitting them. So, if you are a smoker and are not able to quit it, then you should switch to E- Cigarette.

Quit smoking

E-cigarette liquid ingredients are not as harmful as tobacco cigarette but it does not guarantee that wrinkles would not happen to you. But you can be sure of wrinkles would not happen as fast as by smoking tobacco cigarette. Nevertheless, smoking not just causes skin problems, but it can also make you sick and get affected by severe harmful diseases which may lead to death.

3. Facial Exercise

There are several people who are aware about facial exercise to get rid of wrinkles and to stiffen their skin. This technique shows results in long term taking eight or ten months or may be more than a year, but people are not disciplined enough to do it till the end and lose hope in between.

4. Apply Sunscreen

Apply Sunscreen

Exposure to sunlight for long term may cause wrinkles and appearing of black complexion on the face. So if you are somebody who has to bear sunlight every day for a long time, then wrinkles are bound to appear on your face. Applying of sunscreen would not let wrinkles appear on your forehead, but it does not guarantee of curing wrinkles which are already present and it would not damage more.

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5. Facial Surgeries

With the advancement of technology, there are now several surgeries out there which help you cure wrinkles. Several chemicals are injected on your forehead which paralyses your facial muscles, but they do not guarantee of long term consequences.

6. Rich Facial Creams

For quick results, you can use high quality facial creams containing protein named collagen that would reduce or kill your wrinkles. If used early, it may stop wrinkles appearing on your forehead by providing sufficient amount of collagen in your skin. Applying of creams is better than going for surgeries, though they would not show you results as fast as them but it is safer.

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