6 Secrets Your Dentist Does Not Want To Reveal

Secrets of Dentist

Going to the dentist regularly is one of the keys to keeping your mouth healthy. However, there are some important things about oral health that you probably will not hear from your dentist. Below are six secrets your dentist might not tell you:

1. Sugar Is Not the Only Problem With Sodas

Many people are switching to sugar-free sodas because they have been told that sugar is bad for their teeth. While excessive sugar intake can lead to cavities, sugar is not the only thing that is bad for your teeth. Most sodas, including sugar-free sodas, contain phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid can erode your enamel.

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2. Dentists Can Tell If You Smoke

According dental professionals, many dentists can tell if you are a smoker. People try to hide the smell of smoke with breath mints and mouthwash. However, the smell remains inside of the gum tissue and mouth. It is also important to note smoking increases the risk of gum disease.

3. Too Much Bleaching Can Be a Bad Thing

Bleaching is effective for removing stains and whitening your teeth. However, you can overdo a good thing. Over-bleaching can thin the enamel.

4. Too Much Fluoride Is Not Good

According to American Dental Association, fluoride helps protect the teeth from cavities and strengthens the enamel. However, too much fluoride can lead to a condition called fluorosis. This condition causes brown spots to develop on the teeth.

5. You Only Need to Brush Once a Day

Most of us have been taught from childhood that we need to brush twice a day. However, you really only need to brush once a day. It takes plaque about 24 hours to grow back enough to create problems. The reason dentists tell patients to brush twice a day is because most people do not spend enough time brushing their teeth.

6. Dentists Need to Take Continuing Education Courses

Education does not stop when your dentist graduates from dental school. The dental world is changing, and new technologies are coming out every day. That is why dentists need to take at least 100 hours of continuing education courses each year in order to keep up with changes in the dental field.

Your dentist may not be telling you everything you need to know about dental care. However, it is still important for you to see the dentist twice a year. In order to ensure you receive the proper dental care, you should make sure you tell your dentist about any concerns you have.

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