6 Best Things You Should Do Before Starting A Workout Routine

what to do before a workout

Being clever about working out is half the job. If you do certain things before starting a workout session, you will be able to improve the overall gains and experience. None of these things are difficult or unusual; truthfully, they’re relatively common. The only significant difference between these things is the timing. The timing makes a huge difference! For example, one of the things that you should do (we’ll go into more detail about this later), is to eat before working out. See, usually, people eat after working out. As soon as we change the timing, major changes start happening to your body.

Let’s move on and explain you all of these things in order to make your workout sessions more efficient.

1. Eat Before Working Out

Okay, so we mentioned this already, but why does eating before working out matter so much? Well, for starters, working out burns calories and fat. If you don’t eat before working out, you might feel sick plus your body will burn fat much more than usual. Even though this sounds enticing, it’s best if you make a proper balance. Remember: Even if working out burns calories, it burns fat as well. Make yourself mid-sized meals before working out, and you’ll achieve much better results in less time.

2. Hydrate Your Body Well

During workout sessions, your body will consume the water you’ve drank before the workout. Exercising uses water fast, which means you need to keep your body hydrated properly. The most common workout sessions last anywhere between 1-2 hours. That’s a lot of physical activity, and a lot of water used up. If you don’t hydrate properly, working out may bring more bad than good. After all, dehydration causes lots of fatigue, and you feel tired. Drink water whenever you are thirsty, but not in big amounts. A couple of sips are much better than one single gulp. Be moderate!

3. Always Drink Water Before Workout

So, we’ve covered the whole ‘hydrate the body’ part. But you’ll need to drink some water before the workout as well. Why do you need to do this? For starters, are you thirsty when you wake up? Most people are, and most people work out in the morning as well. Even if you aren’t one of these people, drinking water before working out is a must. You see, if you don’t have any water in your system (i.e. you’re thirsty), then you’re going to get dehydrated much faster, and you don’t want that to happen. 1-2 glasses of water should be enough to keep you properly hydrated, but don’t overdo it.

Always Drink Water Before Workout

4. Plan It Out

What better way to be sure in your own success, achievements, progress, and future than by making plans? This applies to any area of life, even more so for workout sessions. You’ll feel better about the whole ordeal you’re going through. Make plans, define when your workouts sessions are, figure out which workouts are best for each day, and for how long you should do them. It’ll be easier for you to achieve your goals, and also track how you’re doing, with a plan sheet. Being organized is as important as working out!

5. Do Warm-Up Exercises

Did PE teachers teach you to always do warm-up exercises before working out when you were young? If not, it’s time to learn why this is something that should always be done before working out. Your muscles don’t work straight-off when you start a workout session. They’re ‘cold’, so to speak. And if you start full-steam-ahead while they’re cold, you’ll be unpleasantly surprised. You see, there’s a fairly high chance of injury if you start working out with cold muscles. People have been known to tear their muscles and ligaments because of this. You should always do a couple of light warm-up exercises that exist only to warm up your body and muscles.

6. A Happening Playlist

And what better thing to do while working out than listening to powerful music? Yep, that’s right! Science has proven that listening to music while working out actually makes you exercise harder and push your boundaries more. It motivates us to do things that we usually can’t, so fire up a great playlist that features your favourite songs and start grinding!

Author Bio: Jack is a publisher at Boss Peptides, a blog dedicated to supplements that enhance muscle building. He has written articles on most fitness, workout, and bodybuilding related topics. He has achieved bodybuilding goals in a shorter time period.

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